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Prior Design gives the Ford Mustang a new look

Someone has been hitting the gym lately.

Ford began its resurgence of the pony car after the “New Edge” Mustang production ended in 2004. The 2005 redesign featured retro styling and brought enthusiasts back to a time when the Mustang ruled the road. For the fifth-generation Mustang (up to 2009), the aerodynamic specialists at Prior Design have developed a new body kit for the muscle car.

The new Prior Design Ford Mustang aerodynamic kit keeps much of the retro styling that made the pony car so popular, and adds a touch of aggressiveness. Each of the body components are made from an epoxy based plastic fiber composite material that is easy to paint and offers superb strength. The new front bumper almost mirrors the design of the headlights and grille, featuring three large air intakes with the same size and design as the aforementioned components. A new set of side skirts follow the low reach of the front bumper and run to the rear axle with a sculpted look. The pony’s backside wears a new bumper with a diffuser, quad exhaust tailpipes, and US-spec license plate mounting area.

The Prior Design Ford Mustang aerodynamic body kit can be fitted on all of the fifth-generation models up to the 2009 MY, including those equipped with PDC. Customers can also order a stainless-steel matching end muffler with the aerodynamic kit. If customers opt to use the stock exhaust, the system must be modified to accommodate the new body work. Pricing for the entire kit has not been released.

Prior Design Ford Mustang Aerodynamic Body Kit Specifications

Aerodynamic Body Kit:
-Front bumper with large air intakes
-Side skirts
-Rear bumper with diffuser and US-spec license plate bracket
-Optional stainless-steel end muffler (must be installed in Kamp-Lintfort,
-Optional use of stock exhaust system (requires modification)

Prior Design Ford Mustang Aerodynamic Body Kit Gallery

[Source: Prior Design]

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