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Prior Design Mercedes SL-Class R230 BLACKEDITION

The SL-Class shows off its muscles.

Prior Design has unveiled their newest aerodynamic body kit for the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class. The new body kit gives the SL-Class the exclusive Black Series look without the hefty price tag, uncomfortable ride, and closed top.

Mercedes-Benz’s top-of-the-line grand touring coupe/cabriolet offers a pleasant combination of comfort and sport. Prior Design has developed a new BLACKEDITION aerodynamic package for the R230 generation SL-Class that transforms the coupe into an athletic machine.

The Prior Design BLACKEDITION aerodynamic kit consists of a new front bumper with gaping air intakes and LED lighting technology. The hood has been replaced and now features air outlets to help cool the engine. Both the front and rear fenders have been extended and are connected by new side skirts, creating a muscular visual aesthetic. At the rear sits a new bumper with integrated diffuser and a trunk-mounted spoiler that helps create downforce at higher speeds. The entire kit is completed with a windshield water tank replacement and LED lighting.

The Prior Design BLACKEDITION for the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class R230 is currently available from the German tuner. Pricing has not been released.

Prior Design BLACKEDITION Mercedes R230 Specifications

– Front bumper
– Rear bumper
– Front fenders
– Front bonnet
– Side skirts
– Rear fenders
– Rear diffuser
– Rear trunk spoiler
– Front lip spoiler
– Replacement windshield water tank

Prior Design BLACKEDITION Mercedes R230 Gallery

[Source: Prior Design]

Do you think the Prior Design BLACKEDITION aerodynamic body kit looks good or is too over-the-top for the SL-Class? Leave a comment and let us know!


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