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Prior Design Beefs up the Porsche Cayenne with the PD600 Widebody

Prior Design PD600 Widebody Porsche Cayenne

Beefy aerodynamics.

Compared to the AMG, M, and even SRT models out there, the Porsche Cayenne – especially the Turbo – is easily one of the sportiest, performance-oriented SUVs on the market. While Porsche equips the Cayenne with all sorts of aerodynamic and exclusive exterior options as you move your way down the lineup to the Turbo, nothing compares to the Prior Design PD600 Widebody.

Prior Design PD600 Widebody Porsche Cayenne

Prior Design created an all-new widebody kit made from high-strength and durable Dura-Flex FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) that is easy to paint and offers superb flexibility as well.

The Prior Design PD600 Widebody was designed for style with aerodynamics in mind. The front fascia is visually more aggressive with the new bumper with integrated fins and LED daytime running lights. The new bumper seamlessly flows into the extended front wheel arches that connected to the extended rear wheel arches by a set of side skirts that visually lower the SUV. The rear sports a new bumper that boasts an integrated diffuser with centrally-mounted dual exhaust tips that make the Cayenne stand out from the crowd.

Prior Design PD600 Widebody Porsche Cayenne

The Prior Design PD600 Widebody Porsche Cayenne is designed to fit all second-generation Porsche Cayenne model variants. The kit includes mounting material and requires no modifications or alterations to the factory parts to be installed. Pricing for the Prior Design PD600 Widebody starts at €8900.00.

Prior Design PD600 Widebody Specifications

Porsche Cayenne II [2010+] PD600 Widebody Aerodynamic-Kit:
-PD600 front bumper
-PD600 side skirts
-PD600 rear bumper
-PD600 front widenings
-PD600 rear widenings
-Mounting material

Prior Design PD600 Widebody Gallery

Source: Prior Design

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