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Project Kahn gives us Four Flavors of the 2012 Land Rover Defender

The premium hardcore off-road vehicle.

The latest SUV to receive the Project Kahn treatment is the 2012 Land Rover Defender. The highly touted off-roader was conceptualized by Afzal Kahn and his design team as a faster, more hardcore version of the popular and unstoppable utility vehicle.

The new Project Kahn Defender will be available in four different flavors: Terrain, Surfer, Military, and 477. Each variant will have the same rugged attitude and relentless capability. The most “stylish” version of the Defender is the 477, while the Military variant is a full-on purpose-built vehicle with an open rear and spare wheel atop the hood. Each of the four models will be fitted with 22-inch Kahn RS wheels in a variety of different finishes to match or contrast the exterior color.

All four of the Kahn 2012 Defenders will be powered by 2.4-liter turbodiesel engine. But, instead of the stock 122 horsepower and 266 lb-ft. of torque, the Defender will boast a Cosworth tune giving it a considerable increase in power.

The interior of each Defender model can be custom built to client specification. Whether it is form or function, Project Kahn can create a bespoke interior with a wide range of accessories and upholstery to suit customer needs.

The 2012 Land Rover Defender will be launched under the Kahn Expedition Vehicles brand in 2012. Pricing and availability of the Project Kahn Defender have not been released.

Project Kahn Defender Gallery

[Source: Project Kahn]

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