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Rebuilding a Vintage Porsche 911 Engine is a lot of Work – Video

But incredibly satisfying.

The classic air-cooled Porsche 911s are something to behold. They marked the beginning of something great; a sports car that has become a benchmark today and has enjoyed success in the showroom and the racetrack.

For years, Porsche 911s were powered by an air-cooled flat-six engine up until the 996 generation when the German automaker switched things up to water-cooled engines to achieve more power. Porsche purists scoffed at the thought of a water-cooled engine powering the 911, but the car has still been successful to this day.

However, the air-cooled models, especially the original 911, are sought after for their classic feel and sound. The air-cooled engines aren’t necessarily less complicated than their more advanced counterparts, as this video shows.

IlMotore specializes in building and rebuilding vintage engines, and have put their expertise to work on a classic 911’s flat-six, rebuilding the engine from the ground-up. The result is an incredibly satisfying vintage sports car howling with that classic, air-cooled flat-six sound.

Source: Filmkooperation

Would you want to rebuild an air-cooled flat-six for a classic Porsche 911?


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