Remember that Valet Lamborghini Crash? Here’s the CCTV Video

CCTV Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Crash

The bull just went on a rampage.

Allowing your car to be driven by someone else can be a little nerve-racking. That is especially true when you own a supercar, and the crash of a Lamborghini Aventador at Le Meridien hotel in New Delhi, India by a hotel valet shows exactly why.

The original pictures surfaced a few days ago showing the carnage of the accident and now we have video. But, we still don’t exactly know what happened.

The car comes through at the top of the screen around the 20-second mark and then takes off like a bat out of hell at the 29-second mark, shoving the car in front out of the way and slamming into the concrete barrier.

Maybe there was a Toyota-esque stuck throttle; maybe the valet didn’t know how to drive the car; maybe the valet froze up and kept their foot on the throttle. No matter what caused it, the hotel and the valet have a HUGE headache on their hands.


Source: Prasun Bratt YouTube

What do you think caused this valet-driven Lamborghini Gallardo to accelerate and crash like this?


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