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RevoZport shows off its McLaren MP4-12C RHZ

RevoZport McLaren MP4-12C RHZ

Carbon fiber styling.

The McLaren MP4-12C needs no introduction. It’s a pure supercar with McLaren heritage and technology that makes it stand out from the pack. There are, however owners that want to get even more out of their car in terms of styling and aerodynamics and that’s where RevoZport comes in with their carbon fiber MP4-12C RHZ body kit.

The new RevoZport McLaren MP4-12C RHZ body kit is a full carbon fiber upgrade program that adds a more aggressive style while improving aerodynamics and cooling for the supercar.

RevoZport McLaren MP4-12C RHZ

The new carbon fiber RevoZport MP4-12C RHZ starts out with a new front bumper and front bumper canard that enlarges the air intakes and help to generate downforce at high speeds with some lightweight material. Air flows towards the rear as it’s sliced with elongated side skirts that work to reduce drag by redirecting air away from the rear wheels. At the rear sits a new air channel with four fins that are designed create a venturi effect for better stability. Even the rear spoiler/air brake gets some help as the RevoZport MP4-12C RHZ includes a larger air brake spoiler to generate even more downforce to aid in handling and braking performance.

The new RevoZport McLaren MP4-12C RHZ is available as a complete body kit or as individual accessories for those looking to customize their supercar. The entire kit is priced at $16,800.

RevoZport McLaren MP4-12C RHZ Specifications

MP4 12-C RHZ Complete Kit:
-RHZ Front Bumper
-RHZ Front Bumper Canard
-RHZ Side Skirt
-RHZ Air Brake
-RHZ Air Tunnel with 4 Element Fins

Price: US $16800

RevoZport McLaren MP4-12C RHZ Gallery


Source: RevoZport

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