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The Sharp RevoZport RZA-290 Mercedes-Benz CLA

RevoZport RZA-290 Mercedes-Benz CLA

Carbon fiber fine tuning.

Mercedes-Benz hit a home run with the CLS-Class and successfully started a new niche marketplace in the automotive world. Now they’re at it again, this time with the smaller and more affordable CLA-Class. The car has been such a hit since its launch that it’s on backorder around the globe. Despite this, RevoZport is still cranking out its carbon fiber RZA-290 aerokit and engine upgrades for the CLA.

Aerodynamics is the main focus for the RevoZport RZA-290. The carbon fiber aerodynamic package offers up a few options to Mercedes-Benz CLA owners while also giving them that sought-after athletic confidence. The kit starts out up front with a new carbon fiber splitter and pair of canards that generate downforce. Side skirts run beneath the doors to optimize airflow as it runs towards the rear. As the four-door coupe’s profile slides down towards the tailgate, it’s met by a choice of three spoilers: RZA ducklip trunk spoiler, RZA GT spoiler, or RZA carbon fiber trunk with integrated hydraulic spoiler. Beneath any of the three spoilers sits a four-element carbon fiber diffuser with three-dimensional underspoiler.

RevoZport RZA-290 Mercedes-Benz CLA

“We didn’t want to spoil the design of the CLA sleek look, so we offer 3 options for customer to choose and the one I personally love most is a simple but a bit more aggressive ducklip spoiler which will adjust its angle according to the speed,” said RevoZport’s MD Charles W.

The RevoZport RZA-290 Mercedes-Benz CLA can also be outfitted with some other goodies under the hood. A carbon fiber-clad engine bay can be upgraded with a new ECU upgrade for the CLA 250 models that adds 42 horsepower and 38 lb-ft. of torque, as well as a full titanium exhaust system. Inside, drivers can benefit from a new aluminum pedal shift set.

All of the new RevoZport RZA-290 upgrades are available as a whole package or individual accessories for the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class models. Pricing has not been released.

RevoZport RZA-290 Mercedes-Benz CLA Specifications

-Titanium exhaust system
-ECU tune (+42 hp/38 lb-ft.) for CLA 250 models
-Carbon fiber engine kit
-Aluminum pedal shift set

-Carbon fiber front add-on splitter
-Carbon fiber front canards
-Carbon fiber side skirts
-Carbon fiber rear diffuser with three-dimensional underspoiler
-RZA ducklip trunk spoiler
-RZA GT spoiler
-RZA carbon fiber trunk with integrated hydraulic spoiler

RevoZport RZA-290 Mercedes-Benz CLA Gallery

Source: RevoZport

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