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RevoZport’s new Volkswagen Golf VII R Razor 7R Is Super Sharp

RevoZport Razor 7R Golf R

On the cutting edge.

There are loads of high-performance hot hatches on the market today, especially if you reside in Europe. These small, quick, and nimble cars can be an absolute blast to drive and weave through tight corners. RevoZport has been upgrading these hot hatches including the Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG and CLA 45 AMG with their RZA-290 kit, and now they’re shifting their focus on the new seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf R. The RevoZport 7R pack takes the best of their GTI programs and makes the Golf R even hotter.

RevoZport’s first foray into the MkVII-generation Volkswagen Golfs were with the GTI “Razor 7” body kit, exhaust, and more. The same concepts were carried over for the all-wheel drive Golf R, but with a bit more flair and extravagance. The entire body kit is made from composite material, carbon composite, and Carbon Kevlar composite to ensure maximum strength while keeping weight to a minimum.

The sharper, more dynamic and aggressive factory design language on the MKVII Golf R was complemented by the new RevoZport Razor 7R body kit. Up front is a new splitter that extends outwards to generate downforce while a new Carbon Kevlar hood with cooling vents and ducts help to keep temperatures regulated.

RevoZport Razor 7R Golf R

The rear is really where the dynamic character of the Golf R starts to shine with the RevoZport Razor 7R kit. Here, a new bumper and diffuser combo incorporate the quad titanium exhaust outlets and help channel air as it leaves the underbody. Atop the trunk sits either an add-on roof spoiler or GT roof spoiler, depending on the amount of downforce driver’s desire.

While the main focus for the RevoZport Razor 7R is the exterior, the 2.0-liter, turbocharged inline-four gains a few extra goodies for even more power. Two titanium exhausts are available and made from lightweight TP340C titanium from Japan. The Razor R Titanium exhaust cat-back tips the scales at just 10.8 lbs. compared to the factory 25.6 lbs. and can be optioned with or without a stainless steel non-cat downpipe. The Razor R Titanium Exhaust (V2) is even lighter, weighing in at just 8.6 lbs., and can be customized with either 70 mm diameter (original) tailpipes or ones that measure 76 mm. Coupled with a new ECU software tune and air intake, the original 300 horsepower output jumps up to a healthy 340 ponies.

With these upgrades the Golf R goes from a hot hatch to a sizzling stunner, fresh out of the oven. The full RevoZport Razor 7R is available as a complete package or customers can order each part individually.

RevoZport Razor 7R Golf R Specifications

Displacement: 2.0-liters
Number of Cylinders: Inline-four
Aspiration: Turbocharged
Maximum Horsepower: 340
-ECU software tune
-Air intake system
-Choice of two lightweight titanium exhaust systems

-Razor 7R Front Splitter
-Razor 7R Lightweight Bonnet
-Razor 7R Bonnet Vents
-Razor 7R Add-on Roof Spoiler
-Razor 7R GT Roof Spoiler
-Razor 7R Rear Bumper
-Razor 7R Rear Diffuser

Source: RevoZport

Is the RevoZport Razor 7R Golf R sharp enough for you?


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