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Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ with Seven Generations of the Porsche 911


A birthday symphony.

The Porsche 911 is an icon in the automotive world and has made its mark in history as one of the best sports cars of all-time in its 50-year lifespan. The past five decades has seen seven generations the rear-engined sports car and Porsche brought them all together in an empty hangar to celebrate their 50th birthday.

They’re all there from the original to the new 991, including the last air-cooled 993, and the second-generation Turbo, the 964, 996, and 997. Each flat-six, rear-mounted engine sang a different note and they all lined up in a row to hum ‘Happy Birthday’ in a way that we can all appreciate.

Happy 50th, Porsche 911. We’re looking forward to another 50 years.

Source: Porsche

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