Sit back and Watch the Legendary McLaren F1 Top Speed Record Runs

McLaren F1 Top Speed World Record

“The F1 was one of a kind.”

On March 31st, 1998 at the Ehra-Lessien Proving Grounds in Germany, history was made by McLaren. One of the most iconic cars ever to be built set a world record with Le Mans-winning Andy Wallace behind the wheel.

McLaren F1 Top Speed World Record

With advanced aerodynamics, technology, a 618-HP BMW M-developed V-12 engine, and a true motorsports DNA, the McLaren F1 was the pinnacle of automotive engineering for the road. It was – and still is to this day – a beautiful masterpiece of which few cars have ever come close.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the F1, McLaren has released footage from the memorable world record-setting 240.14 mph top speed runs along with an interview with its driver, Andy Wallace.

Source: McLaren

Would you have the courage to drive the McLaren F1 over 200 mph?


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