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speedART shows off their new SP81-R Boxster 981 Program

speedART SP81-R

A mean, green, drop-top machine.

The new generation of Porsche 981 Boxster has carried on the superb driving dynamics and exciting open-top driving experience that the model line has been known for since it was first introduced. Its new design recalls iconic models of Porsche’s past and its dynamic chassis inspires confidence in drivers. The new SP81-R from speedART is looking to build upon the success that the German automaker has found with the 981-generation Boxster S model.

The new speedART SP81-R upgrade program is designed for custom-tailored performance, starting with the exterior design. Instead of a film or wrap, the entire Boxster is painted in a two-tone black and green scheme using only factory Porsche colors. The base coat of green is contrasted by black accents on much of spoilers, intakes, and hood to emphasize the new aerodynamic parts.

A new aerodynamic body kit was designed for the Boxster models to generate more downforce at the rear axle for better high-speed handling. A new chin spoiler helps to optimize airflow at the front axle while new side panels with carbon applications help to redirect air into the mid-mounted engine and rear brakes. The most notable components are featured at the rear where a large wing sits atop the factory spoiler and a diffuser surrounds the dual exhaust outlets.

The chassis of the SP81-R can be custom-tailored to suit specific driving conditions with a range of suspension options and upgraded wheels. Customers can choose from modular LS-C forged wheels in 20- and 21-inch diameters ranging in 8.5 x 20 to 11 x 21 sizes. The wheels can be finished in a variety of colors for the outer barrels and centers, while the brake calipers behind them are painted to match the exterior color scheme. Sport and track suspensions are available with sport springs and or adjustable setups, or customers that desire more comfortable driving can opt for an airlift upgrade.

speedART SP81-R

But possibly the most exciting part of the speedART SP81-R is the engine upgrade options. All three of the available upgrades come standard with a sport exhaust system with optional sound switch to alter the exhaust note that results in an approximate 9 horsepower boost due to the reduction of backpressure, and comes with a range of outlets. For customers that are all about performance, speedART offers a lightweight titanium exhaust system.

The first engine upgrade package for the Porsche Boxster and Boxster S features a sport exhaust system with performance catalytic converters, manifolds, and headers for an extra 20 horsepower and 15 lb-ft. of torque. The second engine upgrade package consists of the exhaust system along with and ECU tune for a 35 horsepower/26 lb-ft. boost in performance. The last and most powerful upgrade that is currently being developed will utilize a new turbocharger system to boost output by 80 horsepower in the Boxster S.

The new speedART SP81-R will be offered for the Porsche 981 Boxster and Boxster S models along with a wide range of interior upgrades that includes leather, alcantara, trim sets, and more. Pricing for the upgrade program has not been released.

speedART SP81-R Porsche 981 Boxster Specifications

-Sport exhaust system with optional sound control
-Optional lightweight titanium exhaust system

Power Kit I:
-Sport exhaust system with new manifolds, headers, and sport catalytic converters
-20 horsepower/15 lb-ft. (20 Nm) increase

Power Kit II:
-Sport exhaust system with new manifolds, headers, and sport catalytic converters
-ECU Tune
-35 horsepower/26 lb-ft. (30 Nm)

Power Kit III:
-Sport exhaust system with new manifolds, headers, and sport catalytic converters
-ECU Tune
-Turbocharger system
-80 horsepower increase

Wheels and Suspension:
-Modular 20- or 21-inch modular LSC forged with custom finishes
-Painted brake calipers
-Range of sport springs, adjustable sport suspension, and airlift systems

-Two-tone green and black paint scheme with Porsche colors
-Front chin spoiler
-Side inserts in carbon fiber
-Rear wing spoiler
-Rear diffuser insert

-Alcantara/leather fittings
-Custom trim sets
-Custom gauge clusters

speedART SP81-R Porsche 981 Boxster Gallery

[Source: speedART]

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