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The Speedy and Aerodynamic speedART SP81-R

The Speedy and Aerodynamic speedART SP81-R

Dropping the top for summer.

With the new Porsche 981 Boxster on the market, German tuner speedART, had to update their offerings to accommodate the newly designed model. Just like the new Boxster 981-generation model, the speedART SP81-R is lighter, more powerful, and handles better than ever thanks to numerous upgrades across the board that allows customers to create an individual drop-top sports car.

The most notable change to the Porsche 981 Boxster is the new speedART SP91-R body kit that optimizes the aerodynamic properties of the car by helping to generate downforce on both the front and rear axles. The kit features a front spoiler and pair of side skirts that seamlessly blend into the stock design of the convertible. At the rear sits a new diffuser and a large wing that is mounted atop the standard rear spoiler and painted in the speedART bicolor scheme. This helps to keep the rear planted at triple-digit speeds.

The exterior transformation of the speedART SP81-R is highlighted by new wheels and suspension upgrades that also work in tandem to improve performance and handling. speedART’s modular LSC-Forged wheels are available in 20- and 21 inch sizes and offer greater amounts of grip than the standard wheels. Behind the lightweight wheels are a number of different suspension options ranging from street to track setups depending on the customer’s desires. An adjustable airlift suspension is also available to ensure that the Boxster can maneuver around obstacles and not damage the body kit.

Both of the 2.7-liter and 3.4-liter flat-six engines available in the Boxster and Boxster S models will have a number of different power kits available. The kits include an ECU tune and sport exhaust system with adjustable sound switch to alter the note. For the true racing enthusiast, speedART offers a lightweight titanium exhaust option to reduce overall weight and add power. Each of the power kits for the speedART SP81-R improves output by approximately 20 horsepower and 15 lb-ft. of torque.

Much of the interior has also been redesigned in the speedART SP81-R to match the flashier body work. The upgrades will include newly fitted leather and/or alcantara upholstery, dashboard trim pieces, and other accessories.

The speedART SP81-R is currently available as a complete upgrade or as individual upgrades, giving customers the ability to create a custom tailored drop-top sports car for the summer. Pricing has not been released.

The Speedy and Aerodynamic speedART SP81-R

speedART SP81-R Boxster

speedART Power Kits (for 2.7- or 3.4-liter engines)
-Sport exhaust system with new catalytic converters, muffler, and sound flaps
-Optional titanium exhaust
-Retuned ECU; 20 horsepower/15 lb-ft. of torque increase

Wheels and Suspension:
Wheels: 20- or 21-inch modular LSC-Forged
Suspension: Upgraded components for track or street use; optional adjustable air lift suspension

-Front chin spoiler
-Side skirts
-Rear diffuser
-Rear wing spoiler mounted atop stock rear spoiler and painted with bicolor scheme

-New upholstery in leather and/or alcantara
-New dashboard trim
-Other accessories

[Source: speedART]

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