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Spinning out at 200 MPH is Pretty Scary in a Porsche

Shift S3ctor Porsche 911 Spin out 202 mph

Or any car for that matter.

Drag racing is a very difficult sport, even though it doesn’t involve any turns or corners. Controlling a high-powered vehicle at triple-digit speeds is a very difficult and oftentimes scary task. Even if you’re highly skilled and very careful, you can still crash, just like this 1,500-horsepower Porsche 911 at 202 mph.

Shift S3ctor Porsche 911 Spin out 202 mph

At the Shift-S3ctor half-mile Airstrip Attack in Coalinga, CA in October, Evolution Motorsports and driver Todd Zuccone took a 1,500-horsepower Porsche 911 GT3 to the track to see if they could break 200 mph. On day one, they were able to hit 202 mph, however Zuccone lost control of the super car at 202 mph while trying to slow down and spun out.

Thankfully, the car just spun out and didn’t crash! Nevertheless, it was quite the scary experience, even watching on video.

Source: NARA Speed YouTube

How scared would you be if your 1,500 HP car spun out at 202 mph?


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