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Strap yourself to the hood of a Porsche 911 Rally Car – Video


Now you know how a hood ornament feels.

We all love vintage rally videos, especially old Porsche 911 rally videos. Most are usually filmed from inside the car or by spectators. This rally video however, is a bit different.

This Porsche 911 rally car gave us all a firsthand view of a rally stage by strapping a camera to the race car’s front bumper. What you’re seeing is the Circuit of Ireland in 1986, so instead of a small GoPro camera, they were lugging around a hulking camera. But, we’d like to thank these racers for sacrificing some overall weight for our enjoyment and giving us an exotic point-of-view into an old-school rally stage.

There is also a video from inside of the car as well.


[Source: bellxl YouTube Channel]

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