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Supercharged Corvette Z06 HPE 700 by Hennessey Performance

Dyno tested, driver approved.

Hennessey Performance loves to put good ol’ American muscle on a strict diet of steroids to create otherworldly amounts of power. The C6 Corvette Z06, the most powerful naturally-aspirated Corvette, was not spared from the muscle-boosting transformation from Hennessey.

The US-based tuner has developed a new performance package for the Corvette Z06. Called the HPE 700, the Hennessey Corvette sports a new supercharger system that boosts output to over 700 horses. Take that ZR-1!

The supercharged Corvette upgrade program takes the 505 horsepower 7.0-liter V-8 to another level of performance. The new HPE 700 package includes a TVS 2300 Supercharger system, high-flow air induction and fuel injection systems, stainless steel long-tube headers, high-flow catalytic converters, and stainless steel mid pipes. To ensure reliability, all the necessary gaskets, fluids, and hardware, along with a 160-degree thermostat are included. All of the components work together with a HPE engine management calibration system that is tuned and tested on both a dynometer and the road. The result is 706 bhp at 6,200 RPM; a 201 horsepower increase over the stock output.

In addition to the supercharged engine upgrade, HPE 700 Corvette customers also receive premium floor mats, carbon fiber door sills, serial-numbered dashboard and engine plaques, and unique exterior badging.

The Hennessey Performance HPE 700 supercharged Corvette Z06 is available as a mail order for $9,995 or can be installed by Hennessey for $10,995. The HPE 700 can also be ordered with a 3-year/ 36,000 mile limited warranty for $12,995.

Hennessey HPE 700 Corvette Z06 Specifications

Maximum Horsepower:
-706 bhp @ 6,200 rpm

HPE700 Supercharged Upgrade:
-TVS2300 Supercharger System
-High Flow Air Induction System
-High Flow Fuel Injector Upgrade
-Stainless Steel Long Tube Headers
-High Flow Catalytic Converters
-Stainless Steel Mid-Pipes
-HPE Engine Management Calibration
-160 Degree Thermostat
-All Necessary Gaskets, Fluids & Hardware
-Professional Installation
-Dyno Tuning & Road Testing
-Hennessey Premium Floormats
-Hennessey Carbon Fiber Door Sills
-Serial-Numbered Dash and Engine Plaques
-Hennessey Exterior Badging
-3 yr / 36,000 Mile Limited Warranty

Hennessey HPE 700 Corvette Z06 Video


Hennessey HPE 700 Corvette Z06 Gallery

[Source: Hennessey Performance]

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