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Take a Ride in the ‘San Francisco Sykline’ – Video

Two Bay Area Skylines.

One of the most iconic sports cars in Japan was the Nissan Skyline GT-R. It’s one of the most sought-after sports cars due to its superb driving characteristics and performance, and Ivan Jaramillo of San Francisco has two of them – a Hakosuka (C10 generation) and a Kenmeri (C110 generation).

Petrolicious caught up with the Bay Area Skyline owner to learn about his two cars and what it’s like to drive them. You know you’ve met an automotive enthusiast when he says that he’s not going to put a stereo in his Skyline because of the sounds that it makes. It’s not just about feeling, but hearing what the car is doing is part of the experience for Jaramillo when he takes them for a drive. The Kenmeri feels like a more complete car to him, while the Hakosuka provides a more raw driving experience behind the wheel and almost comes off as a race car.

[Source: Petrolicious]

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