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Take a Ride with Batman in an Aventador for April Fool’s Day!

Batman Lamborghini Aventador Uber Prank

The ultimate Uber prank.

If you were to pick a list of cars that were the anti-Prius, the Lamborghini Aventador would definitely be one of the finalists. It’s big V-12, obnoxious styling, and thundering power puts the smile back on your face that was lost while driving a hybrid.

That’s why this Uber prank is just so good and just in time for the April Fool’s holiday. Dressed as Batman and driving a Lamborghini Aventador, Josh Paler Lin became an Uber driver under the name “Ming” and signed up with a Toyota Prius C.

Batman Lamborghini Aventador Uber Prank

When the riders walked outside to be picked up, they were pleasantly surprised with a superhero driving a super car. All of the riders hopped in and had the ride of their lives, dancing, laughing, and getting thrown into their seats by the V-12 engine.

Source: JoshPalerLin YouTube

Is the Batman in a Lamborhgini the best Uber prank?


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