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Take a Sneak Peek at the new Vorsteiner Rolls Royce Ghost Tuning Program

Vorsteiner Rolls Royce Ghost Tuning

Catch a glimpse into the new Vorsteiner Ghost.

Nothing says prestige and luxury like a Rolls Royce. The new Rolls Royce Ghost however, is about to undergo a sportier tuning upgrade thanks to Vorsteiner. The aftermarket company has previewed their upcoming Rolls Royce Ghost tuning program that gives the luxury sedan a fresh look and new wheels.

The new Vorsteiner Rolls Royce Ghost tuning program teaser leaves us wanting more and wishing they would just give us the official specs on it. But, we’re left with this lonely picture, so let’s start speculating, shall we?

First off, the new Vorsteiner Rolls Royce Ghost features a new front spoiler lip with visible carbon fiber insert that will help increase airflow to the engine and generate additional downforce. It also appears as though the powerful Rolls Royce grille may have been given a tinted finish to give it a meaner appearance. Vorsteiner has installed their five-spoke VS-170 monoblock forged wheels on both the front and rear axles. As with most Vorsteiner upgrade programs, the new Ghost will probably receive a new exhaust system that reduces weight and frees up a few ponies for the V-12 engine.

Check back with us soon for the official reveal of the Vorsteiner Rolls Royce Ghost!

[Source: Vorsteiner]

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