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Take a look at the Dirty Side of the Porsche 911


The “other” 911s that like dirt, sand, gravel, and all sorts of fun stuff.

Most of Porsche’s racing cars – especially the 911 – have been known for their proficiency on the racetrack. They’ve taken home too many checkered flags to count throughout their history on the tarmac but there’s a few that are sometimes forgotten about – the rally cars.

The Porsche 911 isn’t widely known for its rallying, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a superb racecar in the dirt and sand. One of the first to tackle the harsh terrain was the Porsche 911 Type-953. The all-wheel drive 911 was modified for use in the Paris-Dakar rally and laid the groundwork for the 959 supercar that took the 1980s by storm.

For our enjoyment, Porsche grabbed Seven-time Pikes Peak Champion Jeff Zwart to talk about the Porsche 911 in rally racing and take the Type-953 that Jacky Ickx drove to victory in the Paris-Dakar rally, out for a spin in the dirt.

Source: Porsche

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