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TechArt announces a new GTstreet R Based on the 911 Turbo S

TechArt GTstreet R Prototype

The individual, daily-driver with incredible performance.

Porsche has always prided itself on making every day super cars and sports cars that can be driven virtually anywhere without fuss, and then be right at home on the track. TechArt has taken that ideal to heart as well with their GTstreet vehicles that push the limits of performance without affecting the car’s every day drivability.

TechArt GTstreet R Prototype

Since 2001 with the first GTstreet model based on the 996 Turbo and 996 GT2, TechArt has been creating these track-honed, street-legal racers with comfort. Each GTstreet model since features an individually-tailored style and comfort with otherworldly performance that puts it right in line with racers.

TechArt GTstreet R Prototype

It’s been five years since the last TechArt GTstreet RS that was based on the 997 GT2 RS was made, which means that it’s time for the fun to come back to the asphalt. The new TechArt GTstreet R, as it will be named, is based on the 911 Turbo S, so you can expect some serious power and acceleration from the twin-turbo flat-six and technology-packed all-wheel drive system.

TechArt GTstreet R Prototype

If you’re lucky, you might see the new GTstreet R speeding around Germany dressed in striped camouflage as it undergoes testing prior to its launch late this year. Just expect some serious power, a wide range of custom-tailored options, and the ability to go to and from work with no hassle.

TechArt GTstreet R Prototype Gallery

Source: TechArt

Are you excited for the upcoming TechArt GTstreet R later this year?


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