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TechArt Porsche Cayenne Exposed

TechArt Porsche Cayenne

TechArt welcomes the new redesigned Cayenne with some fresh accessories.

For the 2011 model year, Porsche has introduced a redesigned Cayenne. The highly successful SUV receives numerous improvements and drops over 350 pounds with the new design. For customers that want to cutomize the new Cayenne, has introduced a number of interior and exterior options along with new wheels for the luxury SUV.

The sleeker design of the new Cayenne emits power and sport that is further emphasized by TechArt’s engine styling kit and sport tailpipes. For the Cayenne Turbo’s 4.8-liter twin-turbocharged V-8, the TechArt Cayenne engine styling kit adds on carbon fiber engine and valve covers, finished with the TechArt logo. For customers with the diesel engine, the kit is comprised of a carbon fiber engine cover with TechArt logo and contrasting red accents. New sport tailpipes in polished stainless steel enhance the exterior appearance of the Cayenne.

To complete the exterior, TechArt offers three different wheels: the Formula, Formula II, and Formula III. The monoblock Formula wheels range from 20 to 23 inches in size and feature a five-spoke design. Using the same five-spoke design, the multi-part Formula II wheels are available in either 22 or 23-inch sizes. The five-twin spoke Formula III wheels offer both low weight and high strength due to the wheel’s forged construction, and are offered in both 21 and 22-inch sizes. All three sets of wheels are available in a number of different finishes from TechArt, or can be ordered in a custom paint finish.

TechArt Porsche Cayenne

The highlight of the TechArt Porsche individualization program for the new Cayenne is the interior. The program allows customers to create a truly unique interior for an unrivaled ride. Customers can choose from a wide palette of leather colors that are hand-stitched for unmatched quality. To enhance the driving experience, TechArt installs a three-spoke steering wheel with custom paddle shifters. The Cayenne can also be fitted with TechArt’s optic package, which gives customers the option of a trim finished in either carbon fiber or a custom color. Additionally, TechArt offers a rear seat entertainment system along with aluminum sport pedals, and illuminated door entry guards for an exclusive interior.

The new individualization program for the 2011 Porsche Cayenne is currently available from TechArt. For pricing and ordering information contact TechArt at

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TechArt Porsche Cayenne Gallery

TechArt Porsche Cayenne Specifications

-TechArt Sport tailpipes in stainless steel

-Carbon fiber cylinder head covers, TechArt logo, red accents (4.8-liter)
-Carbon fiber engine cover with TechArt logo, red highlights (Diesel)

-TechArt Formula: 20 to 23 inches, five-spoke, monoblock, light alloy
-TechArt Formula II: 22 and 23 inches, five-spoke, monoblock, multi-part, light alloy
-TechArt Formula III: 21 and 22 inches, five twin-spoke, forged, light alloy

-Hand stitched leather
-TechArt rear seat entertainment system
-TechArt three-spoke sport steering wheels with paddle shifters
-TechArt optic package in custom color or carbon fiber
-TechArt aluminum pedals
-TechArt illuminated door entry guards

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