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TechArt Unveils their Facelifted Porsche 911 Upgrades

TechArt Porsche 911 Carrera and Turbo Customization

Having some fun with the newest 911s.

Porsche’s 991-generation 911 model range is still relatively young, but it’s already received a facelift and some mechanical upgrades such as the standard Carrera models benefitting from turbocharged engines for the first time, ever. At the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show, TechArt unveiled its new range of upgrades for the freshly-facelifted range of 911s that give drivers greater customization options and more fun behind the wheel.

TechArt Porsche 911 Carrera and Turbo Customization

TechArt’s newest range of upgrades come packed with OE quality and are made from high-quality components such as carbon fiber and polyurethane, while also being backed by warranties.

Visually, both 911 Carrera and Carrera S as well as Turbo and Turbo S owners can benefit from the TechArt Aerokits made from carbon fiber and PU-RIM. Each part was tested in a wind tunnel and built to complement the factory aerodynamics to create the perfect balance at the front and rear.

TechArt Porsche 911 Carrera and Turbo Customization

Up front, the TechArt Front Spoiler I installs directly on the front apron and maintains the functionality of the adjustable front spoiler on the 911 Turbo. The 911 Turbo models can also be fitted with the Rear Wing II to generate more downforce for better stability. Owners of the 911 Carrera models can opt for either the adjustable TechArt Rear Wing I or fixed Rear Wing II. In addition, a range of side skirts, intakes, air outlets, roof spoiler, and rear diffusers can be installed to optimize airflow even more.

TechArt Porsche 911 Carrera and Turbo Customization

As another option for those that are looking to squeak out even more performance by keeping weight to a minimum, TechArt offers various carbon fiber packages made from hand-finished carbon fiber in either matte or glossy finishes. The parts can be fitted to the entire range of 911 models including the 911 GT3 RS.

Complementing the new TechArt Aerokit on the Porsche 911 models is a more athletic and usable chassis. New spacers and sport springs widen the track and optimize handling while a TechArt Noselift front axle lift system can be added to overcome obstacles. The system raises the front axle height by 60 mm and automatically lowers it at 50 km/h.

TechArt Porsche 911 Carrera and Turbo Customization

The new suspension options can be combined with TechArt Formula IV and Formula IV Race center-locking wheels. Customers have the ability to have their wheels finished in a variety of colors and combinations to create a truly unique look.

After the exterior has been kicked up a notch, TechArt can crank out more power from the turbocharged engines in the Porsche 911 Carrera and Turbo models. The TechArt Powerkit for the 911 Carrera S boosts output all the way to 460 horsepower and 413 lb-ft. of torque while the 911 Turbo S goes all the way up to 640 horsepower and 649 lb-ft. of torque thanks to the new engine management system.

TechArt Porsche 911 Carrera and Turbo Customization

The last part of the transformation for the 911 model range is the interior. Here, TechArt’s in-house saddlery and designers work with customers to create a truly unique driving experience. A vast array of leather, alcantara, stitching, instrument dials, and trim pieces in almost any color can be installed throughout. The centerpiece of cockpit is the new TechArt Type 7 steering wheel based on the Porsche GT Sport steering wheel. The new Type 7 can be custom-tailored to match the rest of the cabin’s design and retains all the factory functionalities, while also providing the option for a heated function.

The full range of TechArt upgrades is currently available for the facelifted Porsche 911 model range as a complete, custom-tailored package or as individual accessories.

TechArt Porsche 911 Customization Gallery

Source: TechArt

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