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Ten Questions with Kahn Design USA

Kahn Design USA

One of the more renowned and well-respected aftermarket design companies in the automotive industry is A Kahn Design. The U.K.-based design company has established itself and the go-to for personalization and custom-tailored luxury upgrades for a wide range of vehicles. While they are based in the U.K., they’ve been expanding into the North American market, particularly the U.S., and the appetite for the brand has yet to be satisfied across the pond.

A Kahn Design is looking to grow in the U.S. market backed by its high-quality, custom-tailored products and establish themselves further as a global brand. We asked Kahn Design USA Representative, Ricardo Lopez, 10 questions about their expansion and what the future holds for the U.S. marketplace and North America as a whole.

What are your goals for the U.S. market?

We are already established in the U.S. We have established distributors and dealers throughout the USA and Latin America.

However, we would like to take the brand to the level in which it is established in the U.K, Europe and Asia. We hope to expand upon our distribution network and provide our customers with a more localised service.

What makes the U.S market different from the U.K and other markets around the globe?

The sheer vastness of the US market and the incredible appetite consumers have for the personalisation of their automobiles. We had one young fan, who flew all the way from Panama, Central America, just to visit us at our H.Q.

From couples who buy his and hers Range Rovers, to the discerning customer who loves driving his Aston Martin in Manhattan, our U.S customers are very loyal, and are more often than not, an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Kahn Design USA

What kinds of products will you be featuring in the US marketplace?

Predominantly we are focusing on the body kits and accessories for all Land Rover/Range Rovers, Jeep Wrangler and all of our high quality wheel packages which accommodate most sport and luxury vehicles.

Furthermore, the automotive valuation authority, CAP, has determined our Chelsea Truck Company Wranglers; maintain an enduring value of around 12.5% above standard Wranglers. The findings follow an extensive, nearly 12-month analysis of the Kahn Jeep Chelsea truck market.

We welcome CAP’s view on the Jeep Chelsea Truck. I’m pleased that its research strengthens our position as the leading bespoke vehicle brand and reveals a compelling argument for investing in A. Kahn Design vehicles and making the definitive statement.

Are there certain areas in the U.S market that you are focusing on?

Currently I am discussing potential distribution partnerships in Florida, California, the Midwest and Northeast. These tend to be the areas that we see higher volume sales particularly California and Florida.

Kahn Design USA


You already have a large presence in Houston, Miami, Los Angeles and New Jersey. What are some major cities in the U.S that you are targeting for expansion?

Tampa, Atlanta, Boston and some other key cities in Canada, Mexico, Panama and beyond.

Has A. Kahn Design been influenced to create different products due to their presence in the U.S market?

I believe we produce a universal product which is well received throughout the world in the many markets where we have a presence. However, the U.S.A is a very unique market with cars like the new Corvette and Dodge Viper which are big hits with Americans so we may consider designs for these vehicles in the future. One thing is certain our designers are committed to pushing the boundaries of creativity and are constantly thriving to develop new and innovative designs.

Are there plans on bringing other aspects of the Kahn brand such as timepieces over to the US?

Yes most definitely. We have forged fantastic relationships with some of the country’s leading watch and jewelry retailers and are working on launching our Kahn Design timepieces in the near future.

Are there any celebrities or special customers that you’ve had the pleasure or working with?

We try to remain low key about our clients but you probably are aware of the vehicles and wheels for certain high profile individuals as it was widely publicised at the time.

Kahn Design USA


What is your personal favourite Kahn automobile and why?

Adorned with a comprehensive styling package, I would say it is the refined and luxurious RS300 model, which boasts a distinguished silhouette and is suited to those seeking a distinctive and elegant vehicle.
Stunning curves and a soft, supple interior. Need I say more….?

How can U.S customers get in contact or follow Kahn USA?

Anyone interested in contacting us can check out our web site: www.kahndesign.com or for more information they can call me directly on: 011 44 1274 749999 or e-mail us: Kahn@kahndesign.com

We are also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Twitter: @AKAHNDESIGN , @Afzalkahn
Instagram: @Akahndesign

A big ‘Thank You’ to Mr. Lopez and everyone at A Kahn Design for the interview! Keep making great products!


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