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Tesla Model S with RS7M S|2 Concave Forged Wheels

RSVForged Tesla Model S RS7M

Electric fitment.

The automotive world is changing and becoming more and more focused on efficiency. The big-displacement engines are slowly losing their cubic capacity, and using forced induction and hybrid components to propel themselves. The Tesla Model S is one of the new cars that are ahead of the curve with its all-electric powertrain and exciting performance capabilities. And, it gets even more electric with a new set of RSVForged wheels.

Right from the get-go, the Tesla Model S is special as its silent rear-mounted electric motor propels the futuristic luxury car to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds. The team at RSVForged was able to make this red Model S even more of a show-stopper with a set of their RS7M deep leg concave wheels from their S|2 line.

RSVForged Tesla Model S RS7M

The new 20-inch, three-piece forged RS7M wheels were chosen for their deep leg concave design that emphasizes the rear-wheel drive power and muscle of the Tesla Model S. Each wheel was finished in a Brushed Double Dark Tint to add a bit of contrast to the vibrant red paint and installed in a staggered setup for more grip where it counts. To make the setup complete, the factory air suspension was put to use and the entire car was lowered for the perfect stance.

The new Tesla Model S may not have captured the passion of traditional petrolheads, but this Model S with RSVForged RS7M concave wheels will surely change a few minds.

Fitment Specifications:

Wheels: RSVForged RS7M S|2 deep leg concave
Wheel Diameter: 20-inches
Wheel Finish: Brushed Double Dark Tint

Tesla Model S with RSVForged RS7M Wheels Gallery

Source: RSVForged

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