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Friday FAIL: This is Why You Don’t Do Burnouts near People

Friday FAIL BMW M5

Good thing this was a close call.

Our long list of Friday FAIL stories show off all kinds of stupidity, crashes, and oddities from around the globe. The lesson that we should take away from most of these is to be safer while driving because you’re behind the wheel of a 2,000+ lb. machine that kills people. This Friday FAIL is meant to be a lesson of how easily you can injure others and/or yourself with these powerful machines.

At the Haspengouw 2014 Supercar Tour in Belgium, a driver of a Hamann Motorsport-tuned E60 BMW M5 showed up to put their car on display among all the other super- and sports cars there. As with all car shows, there are those that feel the need to showcase the power their cars posses by doing burnouts or speeding off. The one problem is that not all of these drivers can handle their vehicles when they’re pushed to the limit.

The E60 BMW M5 driver decided to speed away from the show but lost control and came very, very close to hitting a few people in the crowd as they watched. Luckily, the driver was able to bring the car to a stop before it hit anyone and injured or even killed someone.

If you’re going to take something away from this Friday FAIL, just be smart out there with your cars, folks. That, and the fact that this driver is an idiot.


Source: JEWETHE YouTube Channel

Should this driver be behind the wheel of their BMW M5?


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