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The A. Kahn Design Cosworth RS300 Range Rover

Clean, elegant, and powerful.

A. Kahn Design has officially unveiled the RS300 Range Rover, the latest SUV to receive the special Kahn bespoke touch and Cosworth upgrades. The new Fugi White Cosworth RS300 is a clean, soft, and elegant luxury SUV for those that desire an individual appearance.

The white Kahn Range Rover was given a full Cosworth body kit and styling package to set it apart from the common Range Rover models. Both the front and rear wheel arches have been extended with new ventilated fenders, with the front set featuring LED daytime running lights. A new bumper with contrasting black insert and Cosworth 3D mesh grille transform the face of the SUV. At the rear of the Cosworth RS300 is a new bumper with a quad diagonal exhaust system that lets out a fierce exhaust note.

The Cosworth RS 300 was also given a set of Kahn wheels. Two types of the five-spoke Kahn RS/R wheels are available from A. Kahn Design in either a 9.5 x 22 or 10.5 x 22 fitment. With either set of wheels, A. Kahn Design will paint the brake calipers in a customizable heat-resistant paint.

Inside of the Cosworth RS300 Kahn Range Rover is a classy Ivory White interior with quilted stitching and custom piping. A. Kahn Design has installed a new set of instruments featuring a RS300 tachometer, Cosworth speedometer, and Cosworth time clock fascia insert that is available in a wide range of colors. New stainless steel door entry sills, machined aluminum vented pedals, and A. Kahn Design branding finish off the interior upgrades.

The new Cosworth RS300 Kahn Range Rover is currently available for £65,875 (+/- 104,623 USD). As with all A. Kahn Design products, customers can select a custom-tailored interior and exterior in any color combination.

Kahn Cosworth RS300 Range Rover Specifications

-Kahn RS/R five-spoke wheels in 9.5 x 22 or 10.5 x 22 fitments
-Cosworth front bumper
-Cosworth 3D grille insert
-Cosworth front and rear wheel arches with air ducts
-Cosworth rear bumper with quad exhaust system
-Custom painted calipers
-LED daytime running lights

-Ivory White leather interior with quilted stitching
-Diamond gear selector
-Cosworth speedometer
-RS300 tachometer
-Cosworth clock fascia
-Stainless steel door entry sills
-Machined aluminum vented foot pedals

Price: £65,875

Kahn Cosworth RS300 Range Rover Gallery

[Source: A. Kahn Design]

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