The Bulls are on Parade in Houston!

Lamborghini Festival HRE Wheels

Lamborghini Festival 2015 with HRE Wheels.

Texas is home to a lot of bulls. It’s not out of the ordinary to see a big set of longhorns proudly on display throughout a town. But from October 9th to 11th, 2015, Houston, Texas was about more than the four-legged hunks of meat – it was about the Lamborghini Festival.

Lamborghini Festival HRE Wheels

Lamborghinis from all around the country descended on Houston for a three-day celebration of the Italian brand. The latest and greatest as well as the classics were on full display for everyone to admire and drool over.

Of course, a bull needs a proper set of shoes, and HRE Wheels was there to make sure their high-end forged wheels were showcased on a few of the exotics making their way through the Texas town.

Source: HRE Wheels

What was your favorite Lamborghini with HRE Wheels at Lamborghini Festival 2015?


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