The Great Debate – Ferrari vs Lamborghini in one Infographic

Which Italian automaker will come out on top?

The Ferrari vs Lamborghini debate has been going on for decades ever since Ferruccio Lamborghini was reportedly snubbed as a customer by Ferrari. That’s when he went from building tractors to automobiles, believing that many of the parts used in Ferraris were of poor quality.

Such is the beginning of the great Ferrari vs Lamborghini rivalry. Both Italian automakers have grown into large automotive icons of performance and style. Ferrari is backed by almost a century of racing heritage that is still a major part of the company today. Lamborghini, on the other hand, has a moderate involvement in racing with its own one-make series.

Both Ferrari and Lamborghini are owned by larger automotive corporations; FIAT owning Ferrari and Volkswagen/Audi owning Lamborghini. When one thinks of super cars Ferrari and Lamborghini immediately come to mind. The two automakers are expanding their lineup with new super cars, hybrids, and even SUVs as they look to steal a bigger market share from one another. Today, Lamborghini is focusing on sharp-angled designs with big engines and ultra-lightweight materials. Ferrari is looking to inject their Formula 1 technology into their automobiles and looking towards a greener future with hybrid development while keeping classic Italian style.

The Ferrari vs Lamborghini rivalry will continue for ages as their super cars battle one another for dominance in the European country. Who will win? We may never know, but their continued competition will ensure that we will see great automobiles from both companies in the foreseeable future. Long live the rivalry!

Ferrari vs. Lamborghini infographicVia: Car Insurance List

[Source: CarInsuranceList]

So let’s settle the great Ferrari vs Lamborghini debate! Which one do you consider to be the best in this rivalry? Leave a comment and let us know!


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