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The Hartman SP5 Conference is the King of Business Class

Hartman SP5 Conference

The ultimate in corporate motoring.

Business and corporate automobiles range from a mix Bentley, Rolls Royce, and Mercedes-Benz S Classes, to the typical Lincoln Town Car, van, or basic limousine. The folks at Hartmann have taken a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van and transformed it into the SP5 Conference, the ultimate in business motoring.

The new Hartmann SP5 Conference is a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter packed with all the luxury amenities to make it one of the most refined vans on the market. The center of the SP5 Conference holds two single seats and two single chairs that can be covered in either Sunset Red nappa leather or Java alcantara and are heated as standard. Between the facing seats sits a specially developed rail table system from the Volkswagen Multivan program that can be configured in a number of different ways. Each of the side panels and the roof are finished in leather.

Behind the seating area in the Hartmann SP5 Conference is a small area with catering, wardrobe, and coffee bar area. Large storage areas made from non-distorted boat plywood covered with Makassar veneer and six coats of paint and polish were installed along with new cupboards that house 12- and 220-Volt connections. For catering, Hartmann installed a cooler, Nespresso coffee bar, and a cabinet for dishes. The entire interior of the SP5 Conference features warm, ambient LED lighting to create a warm atmosphere.

The Hartmann SP5 Conference also gives the driver and front passenger comfortable accommodations. Each seat can be trimmed in leather and/or alcantara, and much of the standard panels were replaced with painted and lacquered boat plywood. A new balck and sunset red leather steering wheel was installed along with dark red wool velour carpets. For entertainment, the Hartmann SP5 Conference features a new speaker system with CD/DVD changer and low range bass amplifier. A Pioneer head unit with navigation and Bluetooth capability helps to aid in route planning.

Hartmann took steps to ensure that passengers are not disturbed during the drive. The tuner insulated the roof, floor, and side panels with heat and sound resistant material. The exterior of the Hartmann SP5 Conference was also given a new body kit and wheels. The aerodynamic kit includes a front skirt, side sills, and rear skirt to ensure maximum stability. The standard wheels were also replaced with Hasla 1 aluminum wheels with 265/40 R20 tires.

The entire Hartmann SP5 Conference is currently available for the luxury business traveler. Pricing has not been released.

Hartmann SP5 Conference Gallery

[Source: Hartman]

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