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The Hoons are back with the Motorcycle vs Car Drift Battle 2 Video

Miles and miles of smoking rubber.

One of the most exciting ways to go around a turn is sideways, screeching tires and burning rubber while the engine roars in a beautiful melody of high-RPMs and exploding fuel. One of the most popular drift videos on the internet was the “Motorcycle vs Car Drift Battle” by IconMotorsports, which grabbed over four million views.

Now the popular drift series is back with “Motorcycle vs Car Drift Battle 2” and lights up the rear wheels like never before. Not only is the drift video a driving thriller, but it is a film masterpiece. The team used a number of innovative camera setups, on the bikes, the Mustang, RC car, and even airborne helicopter to get the perfect shot during the drift movie. Leading the chase is a pair of Triumph Speed Triples ridden by Nick ‘Apex’ Brocha, and Ernie Vigil as they are trailed by Dan Brockett and his Ford Mustang Cobra.

Motorcycle vs Car Drift Battle 2 Video


[Source: Icon YouTube Channel]

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