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The Exclusive Interview with Afzal Kahn of A. Kahn Design

The Exclusive Interview with Afzal Kahn of A Kahn Design

Afzal Kahn, the passionate Designer, Businessman, and automotive enthusiast answers questions about what drives him, and tells us about his luxury automotive and lifestyle company.

How did you get your start?

I’ve always had an interest in cars. As a young boy I used to stand outside car dealerships and work out in my head how I would go about re-designing a particular vehicle.

This created a fierce hunger for success on a grand scale. And as time went by, I worked (without a wage) some very long hours at a fibre glass company in Bradford in order to master the craftsmanship and aesthetics of different styling packages.

I was so hungry and focused I actually went on to buy the company!

Afzal Kahn

And as project ideas took off, I set up a small car accessory outlet. And even though the premises were quite small, there was something special about it and customers came in droves to buy my products. I set out to design my own wheel and I only ended up manufacturing the first wheel in the world with the spoke running all the way to the edge of the rim. It’s something I’m proud of and I can let you into an exclusive here – I’ve not lost that hunger at all, I’m still, deep down that wide eyed young boy who had an idea and saw it through.

What inspires your designs?

Well, what inspired Picasso? What inspires the likes of Gucci and Ralph Lauren?

It’s all about passion hunger and longevity. It’s all in my head, and I’m sure the Armani’s and the Gucci’s of this world work in a similar way, and that is a quest for perfection!

I can only but make apparel with aesthetics, beauty and luxury that appeals to prominent customers. My brand has been built primarily on my personality and identity. The brand takes on my identity through the designs we produce.

If you want to be the best, you have to constantly innovate and offer customers something unique. A. Kahn Design is for the individual who will not submit to a life of uniformity and who will only accept perfection.

In order to cater for such high esteemed individuals, one must strive for perfection. My company is one of only a select few remaining global automotive brands in the UK. People forget we’ve been around for quite a while, but the key to our prominence is all about producing something unique, well, the road is my catwalk after all!

Explain the process of designing products for an automobile.

I simply envisage what the final product will look like. I stand away from the car, look at it from different angles and perspectives, and just get on with it. I just need to look at a car for a few minutes.

A Kahn Design Range Rover

Our discerning customers enjoy the finer things in life. And they drive away with style and motoring supremacy, because you won’t find products like ours anywhere.

Just take a look at this Porsche Panamera blurb as an example of what a vehicle should look like: http://afzalkahn.de/ThePorschePanamera

The primary topic to consider here is, I just get on with it and again, it’s about reflecting a certain type of personality.

What is the one thing that can transform the appearance of a vehicle?

Kahn wheels. They sit perfectly, conveying the essence of a vehicle’s identity.

Created using state-of-the art manufacturing and materials technology, Kahn wheels are synonymous with elegance and innovation.

A Kahn Design Cosworth Wheels

The classic RS-R wheel, the first one I designed conjured up a sense of power, performance and style that is still incredibly popular with drivers around the world, so much so that it is the most imitated wheel design to date. From the UK to the Middle East, from Russia to America and from the road to the cinema screen, chances are that if you’ve spotted a beautiful, high – flying alloy wheel design, it will have stemmed from my original design.

I mean, we have also designed a Ford RS, complete with Cosworth wheels. But the beauty of this is that the wheel, available in 17, 18 and 19 inch also fits on models including Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Citroen, Jaguar, Lexus, Peugeot, Renault, Subaru and Volvo to name but a few.

Once you get the Afzal Kahn seal of approval, there should be no turning back!

Kahn isn’t just about automobiles. Tell us about the other divisions under the Kahn umbrella?

I am a keen collector of fine timepieces, and it was a natural progression of the brand as a lifestyle entity and personal interest when I launched the lifestyle/timepieces range in 2007.

I was actually offered an opportunity to collaborate with an existing timepiece manufacturer. However, designing my own collection was what I decided to do.

And countless hours of sketching and 3D computer aided graphic design was an exclusive collection of intricate British design fused with the quality of Swiss movement.

Kahn Design Military Watch

The collection was an instant success: combining the timeless elegance of Kahn classic designs with beautiful craftsmanship – attention to detail and a cutting edge style, each timepiece in the collection is manufactured to the highest standards, reflecting the quality and attention to detail we apply to our bespoke vehicles.

Whether you are wearing formal or informal attire, you are afforded the reassurance of a timepiece that will never look out of place. Classic or contemporary, evening or daywear, a range of designs are available to suit every taste.

Kahn Design Vintage Squared

The Kahn accessory range is growing rapidly with more products on their way very soon. We continually invest in new product development and leading technology to ensure we continue to create products of distinction.

You can view a cross section of our product range on our web site: www.kahntimepieces.com

Also visit: www.kahndesign.com

What are your favourite current and classic car designs?

My favourite current design is the [Rolls Royce] Phantom Coupe. It’s something we’ve worked on before to much acclaim.

And the classic car design is the Mercedes W25 GP Coupe. The car stood out as being very unique and set some very high standards.

Tell us about your personal car collection.

My favourites are the Bugatti’s. They are not cars, they are machines!

Afzal Kahn's Bugatti Veyron

The Kahn Vesuvius is one that I’m particularly fond of. The Kahn jeep Wrangler. Come on Ryan, I’m still like a child in a sweet shop who is living the dream and intent on putting the British motoring industry at the very top!

Do you see a greater focus on hybrid/alternative technology in the aftermarket industry now that automakers are trying to reach greater efficiency standards?

I can certainly see the benefits. Some people say the future of the auto industry hinges on advancements done on alternative technology. Whether its hybrid, electric, or even fuel-cell power we’ll certainly be looking to evolve with it.

But when that time comes though is still anyone’s guess.

Where do you see the Kahn brand in ten years?

With many sub-brands designed under the parent umbrella brand of the Kahn group to cater to the specific needs of different market segments, my brand has become one of the strongest fashion and luxury brands in the world. Not only is it one of the most respected and known brand names in the fashion and automotive industry, it is also very expansive with multiple future growth markets. For example, developing markets are embracing premium fashion and luxury goods at an increasing pace, and we have been one of the forerunners to tap into the market, so in 10 years time, I see the company as an even bigger automotive household name!

What are some exciting things that we can expect from Kahn in the future?

The Kahn accessory range is growing rapidly with more products on their way very soon. We continually invest in new product development and leading technology to ensure we continue to create products of distinction.

This aspect of my business provides me with a strong sense of differentiation that can be conveyed in a physical and visual form.

Take a look at my brochure as an example: http://afzalkahn.de/TheBoutique

Whenever a brand gains popularity and acceptance from its target customers in its core business, the next obvious step for the brand is to charter a new course by venturing into different product lines, different segments, and ever different markets. This phenomenon seems common across industry sectors.

A. Kahn Design with its iconic popularity amongst the fashion and automotive literate segment of the market has followed similar steps by extending the brand and will continue to do so.

Afzal Kahn and A Kahn Design Gallery

We’d like to personally thank Afzal Kahn for taking the time to answer our questions! Be sure to check out Kahn Design for more information of Afzal and A. Kahn Design!


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