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The JM CarDesign Mini One 1.6 Show Car is all about Looks

All show, little go.

In the world of aftermarket tuning, some tuners choose to focus on aesthetics rather than improving the engine’s output. The JM CarDesign Mini One 1.6 race-style R50 is one of those cars that are all about the show.

The owner of the Mini One 1.6 has won numerous awards at various Mini and BMW meets across Europe due to the build quality, creativity, and design of the car. JM CarDesign was called upon to transform the car into the show-stopper that it is today.

The three-door Mini Cooper was built with motorsports in mind. Mini Cooper S air intakes, side markers, and “S” badging were installed along with LSD hinges that allow the doors to open upwards. The entire exterior was given decals from the Mini Cup racecars to give it a true motorsports look. The rear features a new John Cooper Works roof spoiler for added downforce.

The stock set of wheels was replaced with Work Wheels CR Kai light alloy wheels. The white-painted wheels measure 7.5 x 18 and wear 215/35 ZR18 Dunlop tires for grip. JM CarDesign also installed flashy Brembo brakes and a red Wiechers bar across the front strut towers. The entire suspension on the Mini One 1.6 was lowered with a new H&R threaded chassis upgrade.

The interior of the Mini One 1.6 by JM CarDesign is all about practicality. New Recaro Pole Position racing seats were installed with 3.5-inch Scroth four-point harnesses. For safety and stiffness, a Wiechers full roll cage was fitted and painted white to contrast the exterior paint. The dashboard was given a host of decals and painted to match the exterior color scheme. The entire rear seat bench was removed and replaced with a non-functional, but original Mini Cup fuel tank. JM CarDesign also equipped the Mini One 1.6 with a Clarion head unit with flip monitor and rear-view backup camera.

The standard 1.6-liter four-cylinder was kept stock and produces 90 horsepower. JM CarDesign does offer a cat-back exhaust system for improved power and sound.

The Mini One 1.6 Show Car by JM CarDesign will continue to make its way around Europe’s BMW and Mini car shows. Be sure to keep an eye out!

JM CarDesign Mini One 1.6 Specifications

Wheels, Tires, Suspension, and Brakes:
Wheels: Works Wheels CR Kai light alloy with white painted finish
Wheel Size: 7.5 x 18
Tires: Dunlop
Tire Size: 215/35 ZR18
Suspension: H&R threaded chassis, Wiechers front strut tower bar
Brakes: Brembo system

-Mini Cooper S hood scoop, side markers, and “S” badging
-LSD doors; open upwards
-Racing side sills
-Carbon fiber John Cooper Works rear roof spoiler

-White-painted Wiechers roll cage
-Recaro Pole Position seats
-Schroth 3.5-inch racing harness
-Color matched dashboard with decals
-Non-functional original Mini Cup racing fuel tank
-Clarion head unit with flip monitor
-Rear-view camera

JM CarDesign Mini One 1.6 Gallery

[Source: JM CarDesign]

Do you like the JM CarDesign Mini One 1.6 show car or would you like to see more engine upgrades? Leave a comment and let us know!


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