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The Kahn Group and Millennium Automotive Partner in Sri Lanka

Kahn Design Sri Lanka

Extending their reach into the east.

Throughout the years, Afzal Kahn has grown his the Kahn Group into a successful business with a global influence in the automotive world. Through hard work and passion, the Kahn Group, Project Kahn, Kahn Design, and the Chelsea Truck Company have become a worldwide brand thanks to their design, quality, and exclusivity.

Kahn Design Sri Lanka

Now, the Kahn Group is celebrating a new partnership with the Millennium Automotive Group as the sole distributors in Sri Lanka. Trading as Kahn Design Sri Lanka (Millennium Motors), the agreement allows all Chelsea Truck Company, Project Kahn, and Kahn Design products to be offered in the luxurious showroom facility in Colombo. The partnership is another step in expanding the automotive influence and custom-tailored design around the globe for the Kahn Group.

Kahn Design Sri Lanka

“We are passionate about the world of luxury vehicles and bespoke design, thus ensuring Kahn is the perfect partner for us,” said Stuart Whitmore, CEO of Millennium Automotive Group. “We are delighted that they have decided to work with us to bring the best of automotive design to Sri Lanka”

The new partnership allows customers in Sri Lanka to create a true custom-tailored vehicle through Kahn Design, the Chelsea Truck Company, or Project Kahn.

Kahn Design Sri Lanka

“We are delighted to be adding Millennium to our ever growing network of excellent distributors. With Millennium we have a shared vision and together can provide the most comprehensive and complementary service to an ever increasing discerning client base in Sri Lanka,” said Afzal Kahn, Founder and Design Director of Kahn Group.

“Stuart and his team, from the very beginning, handpicked Kahn as their partner, which we think is a real honor. We already have a customer base in Sri Lanka, so it’s a project with outstanding potential. I am excited for our customers because they will be able to see at close quarters, our complete range of stylish vehicle enhancements on display at Millennium Automotive Group.”

Kahn Design Sri Lanka

The new partnership brings two global brands together for the good of the consumer that’s looking to experience the utmost in quality and style with driving.

Source: Kahn Group


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