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The KBR Motorsport BMW M3 is worthy of the ‘Ring

KBR Motorsport E92 BMW M3 Clubsport

Turning the E92 into a track tool.

Christian Kreher, owner of KBR Motorsport knows a thing or two about the Nürburgring Nordschleife. In fact, he owns a 2013 BMW M3 that he races there on a regular basis. His car served as the inspiration for KBR Motorsport’s E92 BMW M3 Clubsport conversion that turns the sports car into a track-spec racer.

KBR Motorsport E92 BMW M3 Clubsport

The first part of the conversion for the BMW M3 is a full tear down where all of the seating, sound insulation, trim pieces, and unnecessary parts are removed for the sake of saving weight. The interior is then given a full body-colored paint, which was white in this case. A full roll cage in body color is also added for safety while new Recaro Profi SPG motorsport seats with four-point Schroth harnesses are added to hold driver and passenger in place. The final touch is a new alloy checker plate on the floor to prevent damage to the paint.

KBR Motorsport E92 BMW M3 Clubsport

Next up from KBR Motorsport for the E92 BMW M3 Clubsport is a full KW Clubsport coilover suspension that features adjustable mounts. The setup is also custom-tailored by the experts at KBR Motorsport who have a great deal of experience at the legendary Nürburgring. The new suspension is paired up with lightweight forged BBS Competition wheels in a 9.5 x 19 setup with 265/30ZR19 Pirelli Trofeo tires for superb grip and performance. The final touch for the chassis is an upgraded braking system with Endless discs and pads.

KBR Motorsport E92 BMW M3 Clubsport

In the power department, KBR Motorsport was able to turn things up without adding weight or sacrificing reliability. The 4.0-liter V-8 engine was given a full ECU software tune that pushes output to 450 horsepower and 325 lb-ft. of torque. A special tune was also installed for the transmission and throttle, resulting in better shifting and responsiveness. For reliability, a GT4-spec oil cooler and vent for the servo oil tank were added as well.

KBR Motorsport E92 BMW M3 Clubsport

KBR Motorsport also made the E92 BMW M3 Clubsport sound considerably better and have less exhaust backpressure. Both of the primary catalytic converters were removed and the rear silencer was removed to help improve the gas flow. An X-pipe was also added to even the pressure and flow, resulting in better overall performance.

Visually, the BMW M3 Clubsport is very similar to the factory model save for some extra carbon fiber parts. A new front splitter, side mirrors, and large Clubsport rear spoiler wing help to optimize aerodynamics and downforce at high speeds on the track.

KBR Motorsport E92 BMW M3 Clubsport

The new KBR Motorsport E92 BMW M3 Clubsport conversion is currently available.

KBR Motorsport E92 BMW M3 Clubsport Specifications

Displacement: 4.0 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-8
Aspiration: Naturally-aspirated
Maximum Horsepower: 450
Maximum Torque: 324.48 lb-ft. / 440 Nm
-New exhaust system
-ECU software tune
-Transmission and throttle software tune
-GT4-spec oil cooler system
-Vent for servo oil tank with added reservoir

Wheels, Tires, Suspension, Brakes:
Wheels: BBS Competition
Wheel Size: 9.5 x 19
Tires: Pirelli Trofeo
Tire Size: 265/30 ZR19
Suspension: KW Clubsport adjustable coilovers
Brakes: Endless discs and pads

-Carbon fiber front splitter
-Carbon fiber mirror covers
-Carbon fiber rear diffuser

-Full strip down
-REcardo Profi SPG motorsport seats
-Four-point Schroth racing harnesses
-Alloy checker plate
-Roll cage

KBR Motorsport E92 BMW M3 Clubsport Gallery

Source: KBR Motorsport

Would you want to race on the Nürburgring with the KBR Motorsport BMW M3 Clubsport?


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