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The new Kahn Speed 7 Is a Time-Traveling Driving Machine

Kahn Speed 7 Sketches

A gentleman racer’s dream.

Afzal Kahn’s vision of motoring fashion has resulted in the coach-built Flying Huntsman Land Rover Defender vehicles and the WB12 Vengeance. Now the British designer is adding plans for a third that is in a league of its own – the Speed 7.

Based on the vintage 1930’s-style Grand Prix racers that competed around Europe and launched storied driving careers, the new Speed 7 will bring a modern touch to an iconic, open-wheel design. The two-seat, open-cockpit retro racer will be built in either aluminum or carbon composite and provide thrilling performance with an unmatched driving experience.

The goal for the Speed 7 will be to bring drivers back to a classic era of motoring with the help of today’s innovations and materials. Afzal Kahn wanted to create an automobile that could be driven on the track and also be right at home during vintage one-make racing days.

Kahn Speed 7 Sketches

An open cockpit, small windscreen, side exhausts, and classic Grand Prix shape will all be hallmarks of the new Speed 7. The interior will boast contemporary automotive and aircraft-inspired fixtures and fittings that envelop drivers with vintage feel.

Each vehicle will be fitted with a special plaque listing the names of each individual that was involved in the build process of the Speed 7. A unique owner’s book will also be included that showcases each stage of the design and manufacturing process.

As part of the new coach-built vehicle launch, Kahn is also planning a range of period-style clothing and accessories under the ‘Speed 7’ brand to complement the car.

The new Speed 7 will be built entirely hand-built in Britain. Kahn is currently in the process of collaborating with British firms for the construction process of the coach-built vehicle.

Production for the Speed 7 will begin later in 2015.

Source: A Kahn Design

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