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The new 2012 991 Porsche 911 Revealed!

Too drastic or not enough?

For quite some time the automotive world has been anticipating the release of the new Porsche 991. Earlier they teased us with some hot weather testing video in Africa. Then, the new 2012 991 was caught testing on the streets of Stuttgart. Now, images of the newest generation of 911 have been revealed online.

The new 2012 991 is more aggressive, curvy, and sleek. A good deal of the new styling resembles the new direction Porsche is moving towards. The profile looks, and is, longer than the previous 997.2-generation and the rear is also considerably different. New slim LED taillights create a sense of width at the rear. The rear badging is also more conspicuous than previous generations.

Inside the 2012 991 we can see a refreshed interior, the centerpiece of which is the new elevated console. The inside isn’t drastically different, but provides occupants with a comfortable driver-oriented atmosphere.

While the official pictures and details have not been released, we do know a few things. The base engine size will shrink down to 3.4 liters and horsepower will increase to 350. The Carrera S model will stay at 3.8 liters and have an increased output of 400 horsepower. The entire Porsche 911 2012 991 will be longer, the front overhang shorter, and the rear axle pushed back farther. We do know that two transmissions will be available: a seven-speed manual and seven-speed PDK. As far as performance figures, our guess is the base Carrera will hit 60 mph in the low- to mid-4 second range, while the “S” model will do the same in under 4 seconds.

Porsche 991 Gallery

[Source: TopSpeed]

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