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The Prior Design F10 BMW 5 Series is back with the PD-R Body Kit

Sporty aerodynamics for the 5 Series.

Was there ever a car, part, or product in the automotive world where the letter “R” was used that wasn’t good? After all, the “R” versions of cars tend to be the most sought after for their performance. That trend continues with the newest Prior Design BMW aerodynamic body kit for the F10 5 Series.

Just recently, Prior Design unveiled an aerodynamic body kit aimed to improve the looks of the F10 5 Series. After its release, Prior Design decided to turn things up a notch and released the PD-R BMW F10 5 Series aerodynamic body kit.

The PD-R Prior Design BMW body kit is a sportier version of the previous Prior Design BMW 5 Series kit. The front bumper is designed after the M3’s wide air intakes and wears a contrasting black spoiler at the bottom to improve downforce. Along each side of the 5 Series sit larger side skirts that visually lower the car and redirect air away from the wheels for less drag. The PD-R kit also includes a rear spoiler that accommodates the dual exhaust outlets on the 5 Series models. In addition, customers can order a roof spoiler as part of the PD-R package to improve rear end stability at high speeds.

The entire Prior Design BMW PD-R kit can be ordered as a complete package or as individual accessories. The front bumper is available for € 799 (+/- 1,040 USD), the side skirts for € 499 (+/- 650 USD), the rear add-on spoiler for € 399 (+/- 520 USD), and the optional roof spoiler for € 249 (+/- 325 USD). All of the parts come with mounting material or can be installed at the Prior Design factory. The PD-R kit is designed to fit all F10 BMW 5 Series models except the M5.

Prior Design BMW F10 PD-R Body Kit Specifications

-Prior-Design PD-R front bumper (fits all bmw 5-Series F10 models except M5)
-Prior-Design PD side skirts (fits all bmw 5-Series F10 models)
-Prior-Design PD rear add-on spoiler (diffusor) (fits all bmw 5-Series F10 standard models except M5)
-Mounting material

Prior Design BMW F10 PD-R Body Kit Gallery

[Source: Prior Design]

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