This is what happens when an AC Cobra Crashes at 130 MPH – Video

It doesn’t get any closer.

Anytime you strap yourself into a car, there’s always the chance of an accident, especially during racing. That’s why many of the newest cars come standard with TONS of safety features. Even modern racecars today are packed with all kinds of technology and gear to keep the driver from harm.

Sometimes, luck is the best safety feature.

The driver of an AC Cobra was one of the luckiest drivers we have ever seen as he crashed and flipped his car at Willow Springs International Raceway. While driving down the main straight and going 130 mph, a piece of the rear suspension broke and caused the AC Cobra to lose control and crash.

Astonishingly the driver was able to walk away and received only bruised ribs and minor injuries to his knee as a result of the Cobra crash. After the dust settled, there was a 60-foot gouge in the track, 500 feet of carnage, and a mangled AC Cobra.

We’re glad to see that the driver survived the Cobra crash. Hopefully he went to the casino afterwards with that kind of luck!

AC Cobra Crash Video


[Source: Catoobusy’s YouTube Channel]

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