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The Prior Design W216 Mercedes-Benz CL Black Edition V2 Widebody

Prior Design W216 CL Black Edition V2 Widebody

The big, bad, black edition.

The Mercedes-Benz CL-Class Is a luxury coupe that is based on the flagship S-Class sedan. While the standard, non-AMG model may focus more on providing a relaxing and comfortable ride, the new Prior Design W216 Black Edition V2 Widebody kit is for those that want to put more emphasis on sport.

The widebody Prior Design W216 Black Edition V2 transforms the CL-Class into a powerful German grand touring coupe that looks more at home on the track than it does on the boulevard. Prior Design developed an entire widebody kit made from Dura-Flex FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) with an OEM-quality fitment. The Dura-Flex FRP can be easily painted and offers high-strength properties that ensure high-speed stability.

The entire appearance of the Mercedes-Benz CL-Class is radically transformed with the Prior Design W216 Black Edition V2 Widebody. The front of the coupe sports a new bumper with large air intakes, a lip spoiler for additional downforce, and mesh inserts. To help the engine breathe even better, a new hood was fitted with dual air vents at the front. The new bodywork flows into the extended front fenders that feature large air vents to help dissipate heat created by the front brakes. Lower side skirts connect the bulging front fenders to the extended rear fenders that seamlessly blend into the new bumper. Here, Prior Design integrated a new diffuser to help keep the coupe planted at high speeds and accommodate the exhaust tips.

The Prior Design W216 CL Black Edition V2 Widebody is available for all of the refreshed W216 models and comes complete with mounting material and TÜV parts certificate. The entire body kit can be purchased for €12,900.00.

Prior Design W216 CL Black Edition V2 Widebody Specifications


– BlackEditionV2 front bumper
– BlackEdition front lip spoiler (for BlackEditionV2 front bumper)
– BlackEdition side skirts
– BlackEditionV2 rear bumper
– BlackEditionV2 rear diffusor
– BlackEdition front fenders
– BlackEdition rear widenings
– BlackEdition front bonnet
– BlackEdition mesh grille inserts
– Mounting material
– TÜV parts certificate included.

Prior Design W216 CL Black Edition V2 Widebody Gallery

[Source: Prior Design]

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