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The speedART SP91-R Porsche 991 is all about individuality

speedART SP91-R

A 911 with a unique touch.

There has been a host of new tuning programs for the Porsche 991 after its official release last year. Since then, speedART has been working on a new personalization and upgrade program, which it previewed at the beginning of 2012. After a few months of designing, engineering, and elbow grease, the speedART SP91-R is ready to hit the market.

The new speedART SP91-R features a unique and sport body kit that improves aerodynamics. Each component can be painted or finished in a custom color to suit any taste. The kit is comprised of a front chin spoiler, bigger side skirts, a rear diffuser, and rear spoiler wing for improved downforce. The new rear spoiler wing is designed to fit directly on the stock spoiler and can be painted in speedART’s bicolor paint scheme.

As part of the speedART SP91-R, customers will have the option of installing a range of suspension upgrades and forged wheels. speedART offers both street and track ready suspension options with adjustable variants and sport springs to give drivers optimum handling. An air ride upgrade will also be available for those looking for the ultimate in ride quality. The standard wheel setup can be replaced with custom modular LSC-Forged wheels in 21-inch sizes in a variety of different finishes and colors.

One of the goals for speedART was to increase power and improve the sound of the new Porsche 991 911 Carrera and Carrera S models. Both engines can be equipped with a full exhaust system with new manifolds, sport catalytic converters, custom end tips, and optional sound switch system. A lightweight titanium system is also available to reduce weight for optimum performance. The speedART SP91-R will also be offered with an ECU tune that increases power by 20 horsepower and 14.75 lb-ft. (20 Nm).

The speedART SP91-R will also give customers the ability to design the interior to suit their tastes. speedART can install custom tailored colored leather with alcantara inserts on the seats, dashboard, and door panels.

All of the SP91-R components except the ECU upgrade are currently available from speedART. Pricing has not been released.

speedART SP91-R Specifications

-ECU Tune (+20 HP/14.75 lb-ft.)
-Stainless steel or titanium exhaust with manifolds, sport catalytic converters, custom tips, and optional sound control.

Wheels and Suspension:
Wheels: LSC-Forged modular; 21-inch diameter with custom finishes
Suspension: Sport or track setups with adjustable setups, sport springs, or optional air ride

-Front spoiler lip
-Side skirts
-Rear diffuser
-Rear spoiler wing with bicolor paint

speedART SP91-R Gallery

[Source: speedART]

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