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The thorough Testing of the Porsche 991 – Video

Five years in the making.

Back in 2010, Porsche commissioned a film crew to document the final phases of the 991-generation 911’s development. Two engineering teams secretly conducted testing of the Porsche 991 in the Arctic Circle and South Africa, putting each car through the harshest of conditions to ensure the 911 will perform well no matter what.

Engineers pushed each car to its limit, exposing them to sub-zero temperatures, clouds of dust, and hot temperatures. Every part was inspected and incredible amounts of data were collected to be reviewed in Stuttgart on each Porsche 991. Engineers even went as far as to pour boiling water on frozen headlights to make sure they don’t crack under the extreme temperature change. Testing wasn’t completely successful, as the fluid in the seven-speed manual froze in the Arctic.

The entire process from design to testing for the Porsche 991 took five years; all to ensure the most technologically advanced 911 ever made would perform in accordance with strict Porsche standards.

Porsche 991 Testing Video


[Source: Porsche]

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