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The Hamann Motorsports Range Rover Supercharged Tuning Program

The widebody, supercharged, British SUV.

Hamann Motorsports is known for its performance tuning of German sports cars, not necessarily that of luxury SUVs. But after the German tuner unveiled their latest program for the Porsche Cayenne, they shifted their focus on developing a Range Rover Supercharged tuning package for owners of the capable SUV.

Hamann Motorsports has produced tuning ranges for Range Rovers before, the most notable of which was the Hamann Conqueror II, based on the Sport model. Still, it has been quite some time since the German tuner has taken on a British SUV. The new Hamann Range Rover 5.0i V8 Supercharged features many similarities to its predecessor such as the wider bodywork, forged wheels, a custom interior, and a powerful engine.

The Hamann Range Rover was transformed into an aggressive, head-turning SUV. At the front, eyes are drawn to the new front bumper with large air intakes, bright LED daytime running lights, and spoiler. The new bumper seamlessly integrates into the widened fenders at the front and rear axle. The widebody conversion adds 60 mm to the front and 70 mm in width to the rear axle for a more powerful stance. To accommodate the widened fenders, a new rear bumper was designed and features a center-mounted dual-exhaust. As an option, customers can choose to install a rear roof spoiler for additional downforce.

Filling in those widened fenders are a new set of lightweight Hamann Motorsports wheels. The featured wheels in the Range Rover Supercharged tuning program are the three-piece forged Design Edition Race Anodized wheels paired with 295/35 R 22 tires. The new 22-inch wheels feature a polished chrome lip with black mesh centers and titanium hardware.

Hamann Motorsports then gave the engine a tune for added performance to back up the broader looks. The Hamann Range Rover Supercharged tuning program for the blown 5.0-liter V-8 engine consisted of a new exhaust system with cross-pipe and center pipe, and a new engine software upgrade. The result was 530 horsepower and 487 lb-ft. of torque, allowing the SUV to accelerate to 62 mph in 6.0 seconds and reach a top speed of 141 mph (227 km/h).

The interior of the luxury SUV can be transformed with a wide array of supple leather, fine trims, and other accessories from Hamann Motorsports. Customers can create their own design through Hamann Motorsports and even include personalized floor mats.

The Hamann Motorsports Range Rover Supercharged tuning program is currently available as an entire package or individual accessories. Pricing has not been announced.

Hamann Motorsports Range Rover Supercharged Tuning Specifications

Displacement: 5.0 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-8
Aspiration: Supercharged
Maximum Horsepower: 530 (390 kW)
Maximum Torque: 487 lb-ft. (660 Nm) at 2,600 RPM
-Exhaust system with new X-pipe and center pipe
-ECU tune

Type: Eight-speed automatic
Drive: Four-wheel

Acceleration 0-62 mph: 6.0 seconds
Top Speed: 141 mph (227 km/h)

Wheels and Tires:
Wheels: Three-piece forged Design Edition Race wheels; 22 inches in diameter
Tire Size: 295/35 R 22

-Redesigned front bumper with larger air intakes, LED daytime running lights, and spoiler lip
-Widened fenders 60 mm wider front, 70 mm wider rear
-Redesigned rear bumper with dual center exhaust
-Optional rear roof spoiler

-Customer leather and upholstery
-Custom wood, aluminum, or carbon fiber trims
-Custom accessories
-Personalized floor mats

Hamann Motorsports Range Rover Supercharged Tuning Gallery

[Source: Hamann Motorsports]

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