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The Widebody SL (R230) Mercedes-Benz by Prior Design

Prior Design Widebody SL BlackEdition Mercedes-Benz

Still need that Black Series?

Prior Design has a habit of creating widebody aerodynamic masterpieces that essentially negate the need for the performance variants of the upgraded cars in terms of styling. One such car is the Mercedes-Benz SL (R230).

In stock form, the SL a good-looking car; nothing really offends, but nothing stands. When Mercedes-Benz slaps that AMG badge on there, things start to change. No more respectful looks for the SL and its performance gets cranked up a notch. Then there’s the SL 65 AMG Black Series. The Black Series boasts bulging fenders, a twin-turbocharged V-12, says ‘goodbye’ to the convertible top, and ‘hello’ to a $300,000 price tag.

For those that want a widebody SL with a convertible top and are contempt with the very respectable standard performance of the non-AMG variants, Prior Design has the PD-BlackEdition kit. The kit gives the Mercedes-Benz SL a widened track, improves aerodynamics, and is made with high quality Dura-Flex FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic).

The widebody SL from Prior Design features a wider front and rear track thanks to new fenders that are dramatically larger than stock and are visually connected by new side skirts. The front bumper is also significantly different with larger air intakes with mesh inserts and a lower spoiler lip that improves front axle downforce. Atop the engine sits a new hood with improved ventilation to reduce engine temperatures for better performance. At the rear of the widebody SL sits a new bumper and aerodynamic diffuser that helps keep the rear planted at high speeds. As an option, customers can also order a rear spoiler.

The Prior Design widebody SL BlackEdition aerodynamic package is available as an entire program and comes complete with TÜV parts certificate. The entire kit is available for € 12,900 (+/- $ 16,900) with the optional rear spoiler priced at € 599 (+/- $785).

Prior Design Widebody SL BlackEdition Specifications

-BlackEdition front bumper
-BlackEdition front lip spoiler (for BlackEdition front bumper)
-BlackEdition side skirts
-BlackEdition rear bumper
-BlackEdition rear diffusor
-BlackEdition front fenders
-BlackEdition rear widenings
-BlackEdition front bonnet
-BlackEdition mesh grille inserts
-Mounting material
-TÜV parts certificate included.

-BlackEdition rear trunk spoiler

Prior Design Widebody SL BlackEdition Gallery

[Source: Prior Design]

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