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Thermal Cameras in F1 are Awesome

Red Bull F1 Thermal Imaging

Especially with burnouts

Everybody loves a good burnout. Everybody also loves seeing engines glow red with heat. The team at FLIR Thermography, a tech partner of Infiniti Red Bull Racing, used their FLIR x6580sc infrared camera, FLIR T650sc and the FLIR B660 to capture some thermal imaging awesomeness at the GAMMA Racing Day 2014.

The goal for the partnership is to provide the Infiniti Red Bull Racing team with information and data on the thermal characteristics on their F1 car’s components so that they can better manage temperature for better overall vehicle performance.

While that is very beneficial for a Formula 1 team that searches for any little kind of advantage, it looks so damn cool at speed and when these cars decide to light up their tires and do donuts. We can’t wait to see more!


Source: FLIR Thermography

Do burnouts look better on thermal imaging?


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