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This Fake Bugatti Veyron isn’t that Bad

Replica Bugatti Veyron

‘A’ for Effort.

We’ve seen some really bad attempts at creating replicas of super cars with their owners trying to pass them off as the real thing. It usually ends up with us feeling bad that the owner spent so much time and money trying to make their car something that it’s not, only to have a car that looks downright terrible.

Replica Bugatti Veyron

This fake Bugatti Veyron that showed up at the Cars and Coffee Pittsburgh is clearly an elaborate and detailed attempt at replicating the French super car, but it’s actually not that bad. The first strike against it is that it’s based on a Mercury Cougar. But, the attention-to-detail is quite superb for a replica car from the W-16 engine cover to the interior.

It’s clearly a fake, but to non-car people, this replica Bugatti Veyron will easily grab loads of attention. The funny thing is that this is actually one of only 10 replicas in existence, which makes it even rarer than the actual Bugatti Veyron. How about that?

Regardless, A+ for effort on this build. Even if it is a Mercury Cougar underneath.

Source: subaruwrxfan YouTube

What do you think of the attention-to-detail with this Bugatti Veyron replica?


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