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Just a bunch of Super Cars Crashing Like Idiots…

Super Car Fails

Have some fun with this compilation.

I’m not going to lie, my goal this Memorial Day weekend was to do as little work as humanly possible. That’s why this scheduled post is just a quick description of a five-and-a-half-minute video of super car crashes, fails, accidents, and other stupid happenings.

Super Car Fails

We’ve covered quite a few of these accidents and happenings before such the Liberty Walk car getting rear-ended at SEMA, an Audi R8 side swiping another car on the highway, Aventador smashing into a few cars in London, and lots of others. But, watching them back-to-back and over-and-over again is extremely enjoyable. Why? Because it’s fun to see people do stupid things from afar.

So, we hope your Memorial Day weekend was enjoyable and welcome the short work week with a very funny video.

Source: AVCH YouTube

Which one of these super car fails was your favorite to see?


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