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This is an internally-supercharged Challenger with a Lamborghini exhaust, Guys

Local Dodge Challenger Idiot at Car Show

Mumblings of a car show star.

True car enthusiasts and people that are knowledgeable about vehicles can respect a completely stock car that another owner is proud of. There’s nothing wrong with showing off something that you’ve worked hard for and purchased in stock or modified form. But, when someone tries to show off their car and throw out blatant lies, it becomes really, really embarrassing and sad.

Reddit user, SK360, came across this owner of a Dodge Challenger at a local car show that told so many lies he should be thankful that he’s not Pinocchio. First off, that HEMI engine right in derr has 610 horsepower thanks to the Lamborghini exhaust and internal supercharger right in dat derr K&N intake. All of the headies and hammer were al replaced (whatever the hell that is) as well for more power.

Local Dodge Challenger Idiot at Car Show

But that’s not the only super cool, awesome hardcore part of this ultra-muscle car; the totally custom Challenger has not one, ot two, not even three, but FIVE roll bars inside that cage like the freaking Dukes of Hazzard.

Performance-wise, this thing just shreds tires and times, according to the owner. The muscle car will do 100 mph in 5.5 seconds and 150 mph in just 10.9 ticks of the clock. The other day, he just threw down a 132 mph pass on the drag strip.

Wonder if he’ll race for pinks too…

Source: Matt Simmons YouTube

How embarrassingly funny is this Dodge Challenger owner explaining his “custom” car?


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