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This is why Brake-Checking other Drivers is a Bad Idea

Brake Check Crash

Tailgating is bad too.

There are a multitude of reasons why brake-checking another driver is bad. There are also tons of reasons that tailgating is bad. There are an incredible amount of people out there that are bad, rage-filled drivers. We get it. Just don’t be stupid!

Brake Check Crash

Take a look at these two fine drivers. One is tailgating the other on the highway. The driver in front decides to take things into their own hands (which is never a good idea) and brake-check the other driver. That causes the Trailblazer to lose control and crash into the median while the other driver just continues on their way.

Look folks, we know there are terrible drivers out there. Just let someone pass or go around them. There’s no need to pull this childish crap when there’s a potential for accidents like this to occur. It’s not worth it for anyone involved.

Source: Ryan Seiler YouTube

How stupid were both of these drivers in this brake-check accident?


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