This is why we love the Lamborghini Aventador J – Video


One of the greatest Lamborghinis of all time.

The Lamborghini Aventador J will go down in history of one of the most iconic models from the Italian automaker. The one-off, topless super car is a thing of beauty. It is all about providing adrenalin pumping driving experience.

The Aventador J uses a host of lightweight materials such as Forged Composite, carbon fiber, and aluminum and is powered by the new 6.5-liter V-12 engine; a formula for success. The other unique aspect of the Aventador J is that it has no roof whatsoever. In place of a windshield are two small wind deflectors and a centrally-mounted rear view mirror. Drivers are forced to wear helmets or goggles, putting them even closer to the road for a raw and uncompromised experience.

Unfortunately, only one Aventador J was made by Lamborghini and was sold for $2.76 million to one lucky customer. The Italian automaker has hinted at future special models, but this super car will be hard to follow up!

[Source: Lamborghini]

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